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AeroCRS allows third party websites or systems to gain access for airlines inventory stored within our systems.

If you are a third party developer or software owner the AeroCRS API will give your website or system the ability to access all of AeroCRS connected airlines information, make bookings directly using the API, retrieve customer information, confirm tickets and more.

AeroCRS API is free for implementation, AeroCRS will charge per transacation made, per passenger.

AeroCRS API uses standard XML send and receive method, making it easy to implement on every development language, once accessed API documentation will list all the features, examples and developer will get a sandbox environment to test your application.

AeroCRS will help you communicate with the airlines participating in the API listing, so if you don’t have an account with the airline, we will help you create one, if you don’t wish to open an account with every specific airline, we can operate this for you, but you will be selling only rack pricing, note that operating an account through AeroCRS will require a deposit.

AeroCRS API can be integrated in many different levels, according to your specific need. Read more about the various integration options here.

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